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Add new data to your case with the power of self-serve uploads.
Importing new data is as easy as dragging and dropping files directly from your desktop. Your uploads will be fast, even across large datasets, because we’re harnessing computer power to ensure speed. Once on the platform, your data is fully searchable and the metadata is preserved. All the essential processing steps are in place, from organizing data by custodian to choosing whether to image documents to deNISTing. Upload native or processed data using a clean interface. We’ll notify you when your dataset is ready - and it’s easy to share.


Generate a zip file to share with opposing counsel with customized productions.
Create your own production protocols and generate productions on Everlaw any time. Select from many options to create protocols, not just one template. Produce documents the way you want, with endorsement text stamping, customized bates numbering, and more. You can produce a set of documents directly from the results table or generate a new production with the press of a button. Productions support a variety of formats (PDF, TIFF, JPG), and contain all three of the most common load files (DAT, OPT, LPT), so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Prediction Engine

Find relevant documents faster with predictive coding.
Our prediction engine saves you time by guiding you to interesting documents based on the review you've done so far. The more you rate, the more accurate those predictions become, automatically and continuously. It can even bubble up documents based on user-created prediction models tied to specific codes and categories. And, as with all our features, it’s included for all users at no additional cost.

Documents in Context

See and act upon related documents directly using Everlaw’s Context Panel.
Everlaw’s powerful Context Panel lets you quickly review and annotate related documents. The context engine displays all duplicates, attachments, and email threads in the review window. You can even act on these relationships by batch rating and coding directly within the Panel. Everlaw’s context engine is so smart, it can recompose email threads even without native files!

Actionable Analytics

Understand case parameters and review progress at a glance.
Everlaw’s analytics engine knows where you are in review, can predict when you’ll finish, and will give you the information you need to get there faster. You can see individual user data, including rating trends and visualizations. Understand the nuances of your case to better manage assignments and workflows.

Real-Time Team Management

Maintain visibility into your review team with Everlaw’s real-time activity tracker.
Everlaw’s real-time activity tracker runs constantly, capturing a quick view of your review team from minute to minute. See everything happening in your case right now, including every action by every reviewer. Better manage your virtual team, communicate directly, and course-correct as necessary.

Versatile Native Viewer

View native documents, multimedia files, and spreadsheets directly in the review software without formatting compromises.
Everlaw’s native viewer lets you view documents and multimedia files in their original format directly in your browser. No need for special plugins or the original software. Gone are the days of ugly native renders of spreadsheets stretching across multiple pages you can’t manipulate. Our custom spreadsheet viewer lets you navigate quickly and easily within a sheet, and between sheets. You can even see the underlying formulas, just like you would in Excel.

Reviewer Accuracy Tracking

Optimize your team’s efforts through individual reviewer metrics.
Everlaw monitors reviewer performance, compiling reliable and actionable quality statistics without any need for setup. Review work is automatically evaluated against case lead feedback, allowing you to catch and correct any discrepancies before they become major cleanup efforts.

Intuitive Homepage

Gather all your searches, assignments, and review tools in one easy to use interface.
When it comes to usability, your litigation platform should elevate your game, not frustrate it. Everlaw brings the simple and superior software experiences you’re accustomed to in your consumer life – think Gmail, iOS, and Dropbox — to your litigation toolkit. Our individualized homepage will track and gather all your review activity into one easy to access place, ready for you when you need it.

StoryBuilder© Post-Review Tools

Move seamlessly from review to case building with StoryBuilder© Chronology and Outlines.
Everlaw’s integrated post-review tools make it easy to move from review to crafting a winning narrative. Use Chronology to curate key documents by event, deponent, issue, or custom label. Then, map out your arguments or depositions in Outlines. Together, these tools can enable collaboration, align your team, reduce risk, and save time.

Instant Language Translation

Ensure immediate understanding of foreign language content with Everlaw’s in-review translation tools.
Globalization is on the rise: we conduct business across borders and continents, breaking down language barriers daily. When it comes to litigation, this means that you are more likely to see documents in a foreign language. Everlaw’s language recognition will identify, flag, and even translate an array of languages automatically throughout your document set. You can toggle between seeing translated text in English and the original language with a quick click of a button.

The Everlaw Difference.

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